Airport Love

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Sunrise at Logan Airport (BOS)

There’s something about airports that intoxicates me.  The lure of faraway destinations yet to be explored and the promise of adventures to come.  Not all airports or terminals are created equal and some are definitely in need of a makeover or total redo.  I was sad to see the demolition of the  iconic flying saucer that was Pan Am’s Worldport. I spent many an hour in that terminal waiting for my parents to return from a trip overseas or my Venezuelan cousins to arrive for the summer.  Of course, in those days, people dressed up to travel and the planes were actually comfortable.  I even dreamed of being a stewardess which I saw as a glamorous profession. Nowadays, not so much.

However, even the endless hallways and plethora of chain stores can damp my enthusiasm for airports, old and new. One of my favorite new terminals is Tom Bradley International at LAX. The architecture is stunning with open expanses and a lot of windows, there are incredible art works and a great variety of stores and restaurants.  Not a bad place to while away the hours before flying overseas!

TomBradley LAX
Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX

In Mumbai,  Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is a feast for the senses.  The exterior is modern and transporting, while the interior is elegant and welcoming.  One note to those who care: the airport is dry on Fridays.  No alcohol is served anywhere in the facility, even in the airline lounges. Other than that, I would have to rank it in the top three airports I have had the pleasure to experience. Other favorites include Heathrow Terminal Four and Hong Kong’s fabulous airport.  More to come!

BOM Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM)

11 thoughts on “Airport Love

  1. I love going to the airport but it used to be so much more special to me when I could actually greet someone at the gate. I miss those days. My nearest airport is Denver International Airport and it has some very beautiful and flowing element to it. I also like how spacious it is–I understand that it is a favorite with pilots because the runways go on forever! Yeah, I love the airport.

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  2. Reblogged this on Wang and The City and commented:
    I so agree about this … There is something alluring about airports. I had the chance and traveled to many airports from LAX, Vancouver, Calgary, Shanghai to NYC (all three airports) from my past works. Enjoy this beautifully written blog post by #travelmagnolia

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  3. I love your pictures of the insides of the airport. After reading your post it took me back to when I flew to Italy and all the pretty colours in the Milano when I arrived. I really had never been anywhere except for Mexico a few times and to walk through this airport was amazing and I took so many pictures, I was afraid that taking pictures in an airport was against the rules and I was going to be arrested. Great post, thank you for sharing!!

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  4. I’ve always loved airports for their atmosphere: that bustling, nervous sense of going somewhere… the tax free products in extra large sizes, the handy excuse to binge on something sweet at a cafe, and the plane-watching, obviously… 😉

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