Puerto Rico Me Encanta

What’s not to like about a place that offers paletas (see above) right off the bat?  That sweet offering was only the first of many gustatory and visual treats savored during a wonderful weekend in Puerto Rico.

Fossils and Toes

Ancient sea creatures remains made for elegant pathways around the hotel.  I found the patterns mesmerizing (or maybe it was the heat?).


Some of the manmade patterns were lovely to behold, as well.  I wish I had a drop-tilt lens but had to make do with this angle.


The streets of Old San Juan are full of beautiful homes, many in need of some TLC.  In fact, this part of the city is undergoing a renaissance, as many are choosing to move in and renovate the colonial buildings.


We were guests in one of these fabulous homes. Not a few of us were ready to take up residence as well! 
The highlight of the weekend was visiting Puerto Rican Light (Cueva Vientos), a site-specific installation by artists Allora and Calzadilla.

Into the Woods

Located in the El Convento Natural Protected Area, the project was made possible through partnership with  Para La Naturaleza the NGO responsible for environmental stewardship in Puerto Rico.


After a 20-30 minute walk through lush landscape, past streams and ponds, visitors arrive at an awe-inspiring cave opening.  Deep inside, Dan Flavin’s  Puerto Rican Light (to Jeanie Blake) (1965) is powered by a solar energy converter that captures and stores sunlight.

N.B. Due to the delicate nature of the site, only six people can visit per day.  The exhibit will continue through September 2017. For more information the official site.


A half-hour drive took us to the wonderful Museo de Arte de Ponce. The museum has an impressive permanent collection much of it collected in the 1950s by founder Luis Ferré, as well as contemporary works by Puerto Rican artists.  The main building was designed by Edward Durrell Stone and opened in 1965.  I loved the juxtaposition of a special installation “Todo Totem” by Marko Remec with some of the museums 17th century European paintings.

The weekend was over too soon, but I’ll be back!


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