100 Posts of People and Places

Travel Magnolia is a little more than one year and 100 posts “old.” In celebration, I would like to share a few of my favorite photos and moments (not including food – which must wait for a Friday…).


Mljet, Monastery of St. Mary, Croatia, Dalmatia

Here Comes the Bride-4233




Chinese Fishing Nets, Kochi, Kerala, India, travelmagnolia.me

Boys on a Bike_Munnar


Exquisite mosaic work at the Pink Mosque in Shiraz

LovelyLady_Yazd-3Shah Nematollah Vali


Gate of All Nations, Persepolis, Iran, travelmagnolia



Rome, Italy

Palazzo Colonna, Rome, Italy

Castel Sant'Angelo, Hadrian's Tomb, Rome


East Side West Side-2


Balat, Istanbul


Ginza, Tokyo, Street Scene

Shichi-Go-San, 7-5-3, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

IMG_0230HiroshiSugimoto_Go'o Shrine_Naoshima

Japanese Little League, Tokyo, Japan



Myanmar, Burmese

Irrawaddy RiverBagan, Burma, Myanmar, Temples, Buddhism



A Berber woman sells herbs in Chefchaouen on market day ©travelmagnolia2016Siham_Fez

The walk down memory lane as I perused posts and photos was immensely enjoyable. What struck me was the universal language of smiles and the beauty that is present in every corner. There are many trips ahead, including a few new destinations (Estonia, Russia and the Galapagos)! Stay tuned.

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