Sheik Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan, Safavid Era,

Iran | A Virtual Visit

If I have learned anything from current events, it is that one cannot and should not equate the words or actions of a government (or its leader) with its people. Not everyone in Great Britain voted for Brexit, for instance.  Before I went to Iran, many friends and family members expressed dismay and disbelief that I would travel there. Even after I returned with photos and stories of the amazing people, culture and history, I encountered a lot of skepticism.  Melissa Tan’s amazing video, which I came across on Travestyle –Matin Lashkari’s wonderful travel and culture blog– brought back wonderful memories.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth volumes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Maybe you have been to Iran, or now will plan to go!

13 thoughts on “Iran | A Virtual Visit

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. Between this and your pictures and stories, it does put Iran on my bucket list!

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  2. The video, indeed, works like a charm. However, no matter what morons will be morons and will continue to believe what The Daily Mail, Fox News, Il Giornale or whichever channel of rubbish they choose to follow. In a sense, it’s not such a bad thing, because they won’t spoil Iran for those who actually are capable of distinguishing between governors and governed and between common sense people and dimwits.
    Now, I’d like to go back there though!

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  3. A timely reminder for me to keep Iran near the top of my “to visit” list! I so enjoyed your posts from your trip, Maggie, and I’d definitely love to see this incredible place for myself someday!


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