Bhutan |The Tiger’s Nest

I wouldn’t say we saved the best for last; every day of our trip was full of wonders. However, Paro Taktsang, or Tiger’s Nest, is certainly iconic.  World-renowned for its breathtaking beauty and its perilous perch, the temple complex sits 3120 meters above the valley floor. We were able to see it from afar and  our final day in the kingdom, we rose extra early to begin our trek to see it up close and personal.Paro_Water Powered Prayer WheelsThe trail wends its way through a beautiful forest with water-powered prayer wheels and

ParoTaktsang_Dog and Prayer Wheel.jpgfriendly dogs along the way.  The pervasive mist enhanced the otherworldly atmosphere.

Paro_Tiger's Nest from Tea HouseThere is a teahouse about a third of the way up where we stopped for refreshments and shot way too many photos (the old days of film cameras required more discipline and less editing)!

Tiger's Nest in the MistAlthough the nest is perched on an extremely steep mountainside, the approach is not as arduous as it appears: no pitons or ropes required! Legend has it Guru Rinpoche was transported here on the back of a tigress – hence the name. The original buildings were constructed in 1692. Last Photo.jpg

Our crack of dawn start meant we had the temples mostly to ourselves. However, you will have to make the trip to see the interiors, as  no photos are allowed and we had to leave our phones and cameras at the base of these stairs.  It is absolutely worth the journey!


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  1. Thanks for your fabulous post. I’ve been to the Tiger’s Nest, and it was fun to relive the experience with your beautiful pictures and and wonderful description!

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