Tehran | Art and Culture

The visual arts in Tehran range from exquisitely preserved  masterpieces of the  early Islamic era to enormous freshly painted murals on the sides of buildings and everything in between. I could have spent days immersed in the masterpieces at The National Museum of the Islamic Era, which just reopened in August 2015 after a nine-year hiatus. A beautiful and serene museum,  its collection includes ceramics, stucco work, calligraphy, and illustrated manuscripts. Photos don’t begin … Continue reading Tehran | Art and Culture

Tehran | First Impressions

My misconceptions about Tehran became abundantly clear from the moment I arrived.   Given the paucity of non-political coverage in the western press — only recently are destination travel articles beginning to appear — most of my expectations were based on friends’ recollections from their time pre-revolution, books which were perhaps dated as well, and the rare current movie such as A Separation and Taxi ( … Continue reading Tehran | First Impressions