Foodie Friday | Jackson (Hole) Five

Favorite eating establishments, that is! In addition to having world class recreation across every season and stunning scenery, Jackson Hole has a vibrant food scene. If there is an underlying theme to my go to places it is “Good Things Come in Small Packages.” The places I return to time and again are not too small but not too big – they are just right.  They are not fancy and some are really just food trucks that don’t move.

Here are my current picks in alphabetical order (there is no other way I could rank them):


Arancini at Bin22 in Jackson, Wyoming ©travelmagnolia
Pretty Arancini All in a Row at Bin22

A local favorite that features small plates including house made fresh mozzarella, Bin22 has a wide variety of dishes with something to please everyone.   Continue reading “Foodie Friday | Jackson (Hole) Five”


Wyoming | Wildflowers and Wilderness

On a bit of a travel hiatus right now and actually staying put in Jackson Hole (no hardship there) for the summer! This gives me plenty of time to enjoy the outdoor wonderland in my backyard. Two national parks (Grand Teton and Yellowstone), the Bridger Teton National Forest  , 65 miles of multi-use paved pathways, and the Snake River provide endless opportunities for recreation. Continue reading “Wyoming | Wildflowers and Wilderness”


Foodie Friday | San Francisco Treats

To paraphrase an oldie but goodie: if you are going to San Francisco, you’re going to eat a lot of great food there.  The trick is deciding what, when and where.  The city’s food scene is not concentrated in any one area, and there are so many excellent choices in just about every category and cuisine. The following five places are favorites from my recent trip.

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Tower of London

London | Rolling on the River

When jet lag keeps me from falling asleep, I think of the old Bing Crosby tune that advises “count your blessings instead of sheep.” My personal variation involves counting the visits to the current location (works best in Paris, London and other frequented places). If memory serves me, this most recent trip was my 15th visit to London! I am always on the look out for new adventures which become harder to find over the years
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A mouthwatering selection at Crosstown Doughnuts in London UK. ©travelmagnolia2016

Foodie Friday | London

Heading to London? You won’t lack for dining options! Here are a few of my favorites from my most recent trip.


Exterior of Chinese dumpling restaurant Bao in London's SoHo neighborhood. ©travelmagnolia2016

New to me, but a real crowd pleaser (NB – expect to wait about 30 minutes in line across the lane from the entrance – they do not take reservations), Bao has expanded from takeout only at Netil Market, to three locations, including the one in Soho where I ate. Yes, it seems a bit absurd to wait so long but bring a book, or a companion, and you will not regret it. Delicious Taiwanese dim sum and more. Continue reading “Foodie Friday | London”

Volubilis, Roman Ruins, Morocco ©travelmagnolia2016

Morocco | Great Day Trips from Fez

Whenever possible, I like to unpack and settle in for at least five nights in one place. That reduces the time spent on logistics and, conversely, increases time for fun! We spent five nights in Fez which gave us plenty of opportunity to explore the city and also make two day trips.


Berber with produce

To visit Chefchaouen is to step back in time.The city is located in the Rif mountains and was developed as a fortress in the late 16th century and was a refuge for Moors and Jews fleeing the Spanish inquisition (it is only about 60 miles from the Mediterranean).  Continue reading “Morocco | Great Day Trips from Fez”

In a pickle

Morocco | Fabulous Foods of Fez

While I loved staying at the Riad Fès and eating at a variety of restaurants, wandering the alleys of the medina with their mouthwatering displays did make me wish I could buy some provisions and cook a few meals — maybe next time!Souk, Medina, Fès el Bali, Fez, Morocco ©travelmagnolia2016

Since we were there in springtime, the stalls were overflowing with the freshest produce in addition to everything else one could possibly need. Continue reading “Morocco | Fabulous Foods of Fez”

Fez, Morocco, Tourism, Dar el Makhzen gates

Morocco | Visit Fez First

I first visited Morocco several years ago when I spent a few days in Marrakech, followed by the Atlas Mountains and ending in Essaouira. This was enough to whet my appetite to spend more time in this vibrant country.  However, after my recent trip to Fez, I suggest that future travelers start there for a more immersive and even, perhaps, more authentic Moroccan experience. Continue reading “Morocco | Visit Fez First”

Zouaq Painting

Morocco | More Amazing Artisans in Fez

It is no small comfort that even in this 21st century fast-paced immediate gratification world, there are still those who practice skills that require infinite patience and sometimes a life time of training.  In addition to the artisans profiled in my previous post, we saw masters of other crafts producing exquisite works.


Ceilings, walls and doors are adorned with Zouaq, traditional Moroccan painting that uses geometric and biomorphic motifs.

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Fountain, Riad Fez, Fès, Morocco, ©travelmagnolia2016

Morocco | Fez’s Amazing Artisans Pt 1

Fez is a city of contradictory impressions: at once revealing the artistry that has characterized since its founding in the late 9th century, while also hiding much of its beauty behind the high walls and imposing doors.  What is absolutely clear is that generations of talented artisans have handed down their skills and fortunately these are still being practiced today. This post focuses on the art of Zellige (geometric tile work for which Fez is renowned) and ceramics.

Fountain, Riad Fez, Fès, Morocco, ©travelmagnolia2016
Zellige design fountain and wall decor  at Riad Fes

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