Travel Tips | Leaving Tomorrow, Packing Today

I grew up with a mom who packed for a trip over days, even weeks, depositing potential pieces on the guest room bed as she selected them. Once departure was imminent, the culling began. Traveling today is easier in many ways (long security lines notwithstanding), but the days of checking suitcases are gone (see Pack Light and Carry On), so I now implement a modified version of her process.  Continue reading “Travel Tips | Leaving Tomorrow, Packing Today”

Pack Light and Carry On

I once traveled for ten days in four countries with a day pack. That was a long time ago. However, I do try to take only a carry-on size roller bag and a backpack whenever possible. My favorite suitcase conforms to European carry-on size restrictions, but has a zipper expansion feature that means I can bring home more than I take. I leave today for a … Continue reading Pack Light and Carry On

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

In a perfect world, all electronics would use a universal adaptor/cord (the EU is moving in this direction with the mandatory cellphone charger standard). In reality, as I survey the pile of cords for the things I can’t leave home without, I am overwhelmed.  Of course, this trip is a bit unusual in that I will be spending much of it in places where I might not … Continue reading Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance