Bagan – the Best for Last

Bagan, Burma, Myanmar, Temples, Buddhism

Most every advertisement I see for Myanmar features the stunning temple complex in Bagan and there is good reason! Over two thousand temples and stupas (also known) remain of an estimated 10,000 that were constructed when Bagan was the capital of Myanmar, between the 9th and 13th centuries.

Bagan, Burma, Myanmar, Temples, Buddhism

There are lacquerware workshops and a museum to visit in Bagan. It is fascinating to see the artisans at work and many places will arrange shipping for those of us who cannot resist these beautiful works of art.

lacquer man Laquerware, Burma, Myanmar

If all the sightseeing piques your appetite, Lahpet Thoke, tea leaf salad is a popular snack and packs two punches – flavor and caffeine! Do not overindulge, or you may have a sleepless night (maybe it should be marketed as a jet lag releiver?) You can find a recipe on line, or in Naomi Duguid’s excellent cookbook Burma: Rivers of Flavor. If you are going to San Francisco, Burma Superstar serves a delicious version.

Lahpet Thoke, tea leaf salad, burmese food

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