Tokyo Intro

Ginza, Tokyo, Street Scene
Ginza on a sunny Sunday afternoon

Tokyo never ceases to amaze me. A modern megalopolis that is one of the most densely populated in the world, it retains its old-fashioned Edo era charms even as it embraces the 21st century.

Imperial Palace Tokyo
The Imperial Palace

My first trips to Tokyo were in the mid to late eighties, when the yen was 240 to the dollar and skyscrapers were just beginning to encroach on the skyline.

Imperial Palace Guardhouse, Tokyo, Japan
Imperial Palace Guardhouse and moat

Then, as now,  the Imperial Palace and its grounds are still a place to get lost in the spectacular gardens and buildings. The pathways adjoining the moat that surrounds it are crowded with runners in the early morning (astonishing to note that backpacks and belongs are left unattended while their owners workout).

Tokyo, Japan
Away from the busy financial and commercial areas, quiet neighborhoods give a sense of the way things were.

Japanese Little League, Tokyo, Japan
Baseball is a national passion in Japan with fields interspersed throughout the city. This team rode by en route to its match.

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Tower

There are numerous nightclubs and restaurants high above the city from which to view glittering lights of Tokyo at night. It is easy to appreciate that Tokyo is the largest urban area in the world with a total population of more than 37 million (in 2012).

There is no way to do justice to this city in one or several posts, so I hope you will be inspired to visit and see for yourself. More info in Foodie Friday|Tokyo and then a virtual trip to Naoshima to follow. In the meantime, check out this previous post for a close up of Tokyo’s fabulous fish market: Catch It While You Can – Tsukiji

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