Snowy Range Medicine Bow Mountains

Homeward Bound | Snowy Range to Jackson Hole Wyoming

We took the long way home via the Snowy Range Scenic Byway which was well worth the 200 mile detour. The 29 miles of twisting roads devoid of cars through the Medicine Bow National Forest provided stunning vistas with plenty of geological and historical information along the way.

Mirror Lake, Snowy Range, Medicine Bow National Forest
Mirror Lake and the Snowy Range

The quartzite ridge atop the range gives rise to the Snowy Range’s moniker, although the it is covered with snow from October to late June and was glaciated until recently. Geologists estimate that the peaks were formed over two billion years ago and are distinct from the rest of the Medicine Bow mountains.

But there was more to our drive than the Snowy Range.  The following photos show just a few of the magnificent landscapes across  southern and central Wyoming (without ever stepping foot in Yellowstone!).

Wind River, Wyoming
West of Lander along the Wind River
Crowheart Butte, Wyoming, Western United States
Crowheart Butte

Wyoming, Western United States

Pinnacle Buttes, Absaroka Range, Wyoming
Heading to Togwotee Pass – view of the Pinnacle Buttes

And then there’s the wildlife. We were captivated by the marmots (also known as rock chucks) we saw near Mirror Lake. Their masked face reminded us of raccoons, but they are so much cuter.

Marmot, Rock Chuck
How much rock could a rock chuck chuck if…

The pronghorn is the fastest mammal in the western hemisphere, which made capturing them on the camera a bit tough. We must have stopped 15-20 times in the course of our drive to try and get some good shots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then, just as we entered Grand Teton National Park, we encountered a large herd of bison, grazing peacefully in the setting sun.

Bison, GTNP, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Great herds of Bison roam in Grand Teton National Park

We ended the day full of gratitude for the natural beauty that surrounds us and our ability to enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “Homeward Bound | Snowy Range to Jackson Hole Wyoming

  1. Nice post. I’ve actually eaten rock chuck. Didn’t have any other food with me at the time deep in the Wind River Range. Pretty tough. Fish taste much better

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