Now for Naoshima | Chichu Art Museum

Chichu Art Museum, Benesse Art Site, Japan
A Fitting Approach to the Chichu Art Museum

Up the road from the Benesse House complex, visitors approach the Chichu Art Museum via a Giverny-inspired garden. This homage to Monet is the perfect introduction to a museum centered on five of the artist’s spectacular Water Lily paintings. Those works are housed in an exquisite gallery of white marble with soft filtered natural light. Photos are forbidden, although you can see some on the museum’s website.

Detail of Tadao Ando’s Chichu Art Museum

James Turrell and Walter de Maria ( Click on the artist’s name to see images) were commissioned to produce complementary installations, all housed in a spectacular Tadao Ando building. Even were photography permitted, it would be hard to capture the aerial views that do justice to the meticulous design, so I encourage you to visit the official website to see for yourself.

Seto Inland Sea_Japan

Time your visit right (tickets are mandatory and timed), and you can take in the spectacular sunset overlooking the Inland Sea.

See the previous post  And Now for Naoshima for more on this destination.

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