Cyrus the Great Slept Here (Pasargadae, Iran)

Miles from nowhere, the 6th century BCE complex of Pasargadae was built by  Cyrus the Great  who was the first ruler of the Achaemenid Empire. Renowned for its centralized administration, respect for its diverse population and human rights, at its peak, the empire extended from the Eastern Mediterranean and Egypt to the present day Pakistani-Indian border.

Pasargad Palace
The Apadana or Audience Hall 

Pasargadae is one of 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Iran. The 160 hectare (400 acre) site comprises a citadel, two palaces and its gardens provide the earliest known example of the Persian chahar bagh, or fourfold garden design.

Half Fish Half Man
Half-Man Half-Fish

One of my favorite carvings is this one thought to represent Cyrus’s dominion over land and sea.

Pasargad Winged Figure

This winged creature has weathered the centuries remarkably well. Thought to be either a genie or an idealized portrait of Cyrus the Great, it’s a striking figure. You can see a detailed drawing and description here.


While not as well known or as grand as Persepolis, Pasargadae is well worth the visit!

7 thoughts on “Cyrus the Great Slept Here (Pasargadae, Iran)

  1. I’m fascinated and enthralled by your Iran posts (and currently working through & enjoying the other destinations/experiences on your blogs ! ) I’m a Dubai resident currently and Iran is high on my regional visit list for 2016- I’m interested if you could share your thoughts on entry ( visa etc) and freedom of travel as a woman, any tips and do’s and don’ts would be appreciated, fellow traveller advice etc .. It’s an easy destination from Dubai and I’d really like to visit before I leave. Keep sharing it all, I’m so glad I found you ..

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    1. Hi Vicky! So glad to hear from you! As you might have gathered, I LOVED my time in Iran and would like to go back as soon as possible. Visas are a two-step process but not difficult. My understanding is you have to go with a guide (I was in a group). For general information as well as travel suggestions, check out this blog by an Iranian woman: Happy to answer other questions – travelmagnolia1 at gmail.


      1. Thank you so much for replying, I’m currently home in Cyprus, but returning to work in Dxb end of week, I’ll check out your link once home and maybe just communicate a bit more via email as I so want to get Iran into the 2016 travel focus .. Happy travelling magnolia !

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