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Grand Teton National Park

I know where I will be on August 25, 2016: celebrating the US National Park Service’s Centennial (and my older daughter’s birthday)  in my favorite park – Grand Teton National Park.   Locals refer to it as The Park – as in I’m going biking/hiking/skiing/fishing/kayaking etc. in the Park. Come summer in Jackson Hole, the tourists go to Yellowstone but everyone else stays away from the teeming hoards and enjoys the spectacular beauty and relative peace of its neighbor closer to home.

Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park, GTNP,

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall – GTNP is the fairest park of all and it is accessible year-round. One of my favorite activities there is biking to Jenny Lake in May, when the roads are plowed, but cars are not yet allowed. However, Grand Teton is truly a park for all seasons.


Cascade Canyon, Grand Teton National Park
Hiking into Solitude Canyon in August 

Due to the altitude, the wildflowers are stunning from June into September and hiking is one of the best ways to see them and enjoy the spectacular views.

Grand Teton National Park,, String Lake, Wyoming, Jackson Hole
String Lake in the Summer

String Lake (so named for its shape and the fact that it connects Jenny and Leigh Lakes) is a great place for picnics and a favorite place to learn how swim, kayak, or use a stand up paddle board. Fishing is popular, too, and there are numerous campsites.

Bison, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming,
Where the antelope and the bison roam

In autumn, the aspen and cottonwood trees turn golden to match the grasses and the skies seem even bluer than usual.  The crowds diminish while the wildlife viewing opportunities increase.

Tetons, Grand Teton National Park, Winter,
Winter is my favorite season

Winter cloaks the mountains and to me is the most beautiful time of year. The first time I came to the valley was to ski at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. These days, I am as likely to cross country ski or snow shoe in the park and I have studded tires for my bike.

Phelps Lake, GTNP, Grand Teton National Park, national parks,
Phelps Lake

I cannot think of a better place to visit any season. For those who like to plan well in advance (and hotel rooms are already scarce), one of best vantage points to see the Lunar Eclipse on August 22, 2017 is – you guessed it – Grand Teton National Park!

8 thoughts on “Grand Teton National Park

  1. Stunning photos! I remember seeing the Grand Tetons on my first trip to the US, but I don’t think we went into the park itself… Oh well, I supposed I’ll just have to go back! It looks amazing!


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