FoodieFriday | Tallinn, Estonia

Maiasmokk Café and Confectionery

After an overnight flight and a seven hour time change, the first order of business for me is COFFEE! Even better is coffee with unbelievable pastries, which is what I found in Tallinn at the 150 year old  Kohvik Maiasmokk.  


The café has a marvelous old world atmosphere and we were captivated by the unique ferris wheel in the window. Furthermore, what’s not to like about an establishment whose name translates to “Sweet Tooth.”

Marzipan Cake at Kohvik Maiasmokk in Old Town Tallinn, Estonia ©travelmagnolia2016
Maiasmokk’s Marzipan Cake

We had a hard time limiting ourselves to only two items which we devoured with excellent coffee.

Tools of the Marzipan decorating trade

Next to the café, Kalev’s showroom and store  is devoted to marzipan in all of its guises, and artists who decorate the figures the old fashioned way.

Magnificent Marzipan

I highly recommend dinner at Bordoo, where we enjoyed terrific food and exceptional service.

Phenomenal Fresh Fish Starter at Bordoo

For lunch or dinner, Farm is an excellent choice with seasonal produce and a wonderful atmosphere. I am still dreaming of their Rye Malt ice cream. In fact, Rye Malt is a key ingredient in many dishes including the Rye cheesecake we enjoyed at Maiasmokk, Kvass – a traditional fermented beverage popular throughout the Baltic and Russia, not to mention the fabulous breads.

Rye Malt and Dill Ice Creams at Farm

Fortunately, we walked non-stop (well, other than for meals and a little sleep) for the 36 hours we spent in Tallinn. Stay tuned for more on this UNESCO world heritage site.

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  1. Oh WOW, that pastry place! It’s half bakery, half artist’s studio… the detail on those little figures is incredible! Tallinn certainly looks like a foodie paradise, and it’s somewhere I’d love to visit, so I can’t wait to see more 😀

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