Morocco | Fabulous Foods of Fez

While I loved staying at the Riad Fès and eating at a variety of restaurants, wandering the alleys of the medina with their mouthwatering displays did make me wish I could buy some provisions and cook a few meals — maybe next time!Souk, Medina, Fès el Bali, Fez, Morocco ©travelmagnolia2016

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Morocco | More Amazing Artisans in Fez

It is no small comfort that even in this 21st century fast-paced immediate gratification world, there are still those who practice skills that require infinite patience and sometimes a life time of training.  In addition to the artisans profiled in my previous post, we saw masters of other crafts producing exquisite works.


Ceilings, walls and doors are adorned with Zouaq, traditional Moroccan painting that uses geometric and biomorphic motifs.

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Fountain, Riad Fez, Fès, Morocco, ©travelmagnolia2016

Morocco | Fez’s Amazing Artisans Pt 1

Fez is a city of contradictory impressions: at once revealing the artistry that has characterized since its founding in the late 9th century, while also hiding much of its beauty behind the high walls and imposing doors.  What is absolutely clear is that generations of talented artisans have handed down their skills and fortunately these are still being practiced today. This post focuses on the art of Zellige (geometric tile work for which Fez is renowned) and ceramics.

Fountain, Riad Fez, Fès, Morocco, ©travelmagnolia2016
Zellige design fountain and wall decor  at Riad Fes

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