St. Petersburg | Catherine Palace

Named the for the widow of Peter the Great, Catherine Palace  is in Tsarkoe Selo, about an hour inland from St. Petersburg.  The original palace was built in 1717, but the current building was designed by Bartholomeo Rastrelli , architect of  St. Petersburg’s Winter Palace,  at the request of Empress Elizabeth . Continue reading “St. Petersburg | Catherine Palace”

A Tuneful of Music

Music enhances life. Whether packing (fun) or unpacking (less so), exercising or paying bills, music enhances the experience.  When I am singing along at the top of my voice, I can enjoy even the most mundane tasks. If I am having trouble getting inspired, there’s nothing like music to rev the creative spirit. To paraphrase Mary Poppins: just a tuneful of music … My husband loves … Continue reading A Tuneful of Music