Inimitable Isfahan | Iran

It is only fitting my final post on Iran feature Isfahan. After all, Isfahan is widely considered to be the most beautiful Iranian City, with an abundance of outstanding architecture, art and gardens. As an old Iranian proverb states:”Esfahān nesf-e- jahān ast” (Isfahan is half of the world).

Isfahan, Esfahan, Royal SquareAt the heart of Isfahan lies Naqsh-e Jahan Square,  a place that has beguiled residents and visitors alike since its construction in the early 17th century CE and another of Iran’s 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Measuring 160 metres (520 ft) wide by 560 metres (1,840 ft) long, it is Isfahan’s religious, commercial and social center.   Continue reading “Inimitable Isfahan | Iran”

Isfahan’s Incredible Awe-Inspiring Ceilings

Choosing photos for any of the posts about Iran has been difficult. Selecting a relative few from the hundreds I took in Isfahan has been almost impossible.

Exquisite Faïence at Sheik Lotfallah Mosque

This post focuses on just one aspect of this city’s beauty: her magnificent ceilings. The next post will explore Isfahan in depth but these photos speak for themselves! [NB: with the exception of the Jāmeh Mosque below, these buildings are all from the Safavid era – 17th century CE.] Continue reading “Isfahan’s Incredible Awe-Inspiring Ceilings”

Pretty in Pink | Shiraz, Iran



Excellent advice for traveling or life in general: it is best not to judge a book by its cover, or a building by its entrance.The famous Pink Mosque  or Masjed e Nasir ol Molk in Shiraz is a case in point.  The approach via an undistinguished street gives only a hint of the beauty that lies within. Continue reading “Pretty in Pink | Shiraz, Iran”

Three Must Sees in Great(er) Kerman, Iran

Iran is full of “must see” places:  in almost two weeks, I averaged three sites a day and only scratched the surface. At the top of my list for southeastern Iran: the shrine to a 15th century mystic and poet who lived for 101 years.

Shah Nematollah Vali

Shah Nematollah Vali was a Sufi Master and poet born in 1330 in Aleppo. He traced his own descent from the seventh Imam and is considered the founder of the Sufi order NimatullahiContinue reading “Three Must Sees in Great(er) Kerman, Iran”

Kerman, Iran, Hamam-e Ganjali Khan

Captivated by Kerman | Iran

While I was surprised by how much Tehran exceeded my expectations, I had no preconceptions about Kerman, in fact I had to look it up on a map when I saw my itinerary.  I hate to admit such ignorance, especially about a city/region that deserves more attention that it gets.  Kerman was settled in the third century, became well known for its cashmere and rugs,  and … Continue reading Captivated by Kerman | Iran

Takashi Murakami, The Broad, LA

LA’s Newest Museum – The Broad

Eli and Edye Broad’s museum is a great gift to the people of Los Angeles and all contemporary art lovers. The Broad was designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro in collaboration with Gensler and fits in well with its neighbors Walt Disney Hall, the Los Angeles Cathedral,  and MoCA among others.  It is possible to spend an entire day appreciating all that this small section of … Continue reading LA’s Newest Museum – The Broad

Catch it if You Can | Picasso Sculpture Exhibit NYC

Catch it if You Can spotlights exhibits, plays and musicals, and other time-sensitive special events. On view at The Museum of Modern Art until February 7, 2016, Picasso Sculpture is the first major exhibit of the artist’s three-dimensional work since MoMA’s 1967 survey The Sculpture of Picasso. The show’s 100 works encompass the different periods in which Picasso created sculptures. The entire fourth floor is devoted to this show and merits … Continue reading Catch it if You Can | Picasso Sculpture Exhibit NYC

Oslo, Norway, Scandinavia

Awesome Oslo – part 1

Oslo exudes a modern esthetic all its own.  While it may not have the charm of its Scandinavian counterparts Stockholm and Copenhagen, the Norwegian capital is firmly committed to the 21st century with stunning architecture and a vast underground highway network that makes it a pedestrian friendly city. Aker Brygge is a relatively new neighborhood that is home to numerous restaurants, art galleries and trendy shops. … Continue reading Awesome Oslo – part 1

A Tuneful of Music

Music enhances life. Whether packing (fun) or unpacking (less so), exercising or paying bills, music enhances the experience.  When I am singing along at the top of my voice, I can enjoy even the most mundane tasks. If I am having trouble getting inspired, there’s nothing like music to rev the creative spirit. To paraphrase Mary Poppins: just a tuneful of music … My husband loves … Continue reading A Tuneful of Music