Isfahan’s Incredible Awe-Inspiring Ceilings

Choosing photos for any of the posts about Iran has been difficult. Selecting a relative few from the hundreds I took in Isfahan has been almost impossible.

Exquisite Faïence at Sheik Lotfallah Mosque

This post focuses on just one aspect of this city’s beauty: her magnificent ceilings. The next post will explore Isfahan in depth but these photos speak for themselves! [NB: with the exception of the Jāmeh Mosque below, these buildings are all from the Safavid era – 17th century CE.]

Reflected Light Creating the Peacock’s Tail at Sheik Lotfallah Mosque

Sheik Lotfallah Mosque was built as a private chapel and is on the Royal Square in Isfahan.

Portico Ceiling at Chehel Sotoun Palace

The photos above and below were taken at Chehel Sotoun, located in a spectacular Persian Garden, one of nine exemplars designated by UNESCO.

Mirrored Ceiling in the Foyer of Chehel Sotoun
Frescoed Ceilings at Ālī Qāpū Palace

Ālī Qāpū Palace  is located directly across the square from Sheik Lotfallah Mosque.

Music Hall Ceiling in Ālī Qāpū Palace
Central Dome of Shah Mosque

The Shah Mosque sits at the southern end of the Royal Square and is known for the seven-color tile work as exemplified above.

Brickwork Ceiling at the Jāmeh Mosque

These chambers date to the Seljuk period and were constructed in the late 11th century.


Finally, a ceiling from  17th century Vank Cathedral,  across the river from the Royal Square.

Vank Cathedral Isfahan

Stay tuned for more about Isfahan, the city that considers itself “Half the World.” In the meantime, let me know which ceiling you like best in the comment section below!




8 thoughts on “Isfahan’s Incredible Awe-Inspiring Ceilings

  1. Always fabulous. And much better than any of my pictures. (Are you going to cover Persepolis?)

    Can’t wait until the next. We were so fortunate to have had you on the trip.


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