Tehran | First Impressions

My misconceptions about Tehran became abundantly clear from the moment I arrived.   Given the paucity of non-political coverage in the western press — only recently are destination travel articles beginning to appear — most of my expectations were based on friends’ recollections from their time pre-revolution, books which were perhaps dated as well, and the rare current movie such as A Separation and Taxi ( … Continue reading Tehran | First Impressions

Iran |A Little Farsi Goes a Long Way

Smiles are a universal language that help break down barriers in so many places.  However, in advance of my recent trip to Iran, I decided to add a little Farsi to my repertoire.  It was one of the best decisions I made.  While Iranians are among the friendliest people I have encountered in my travels, they lit up when I tried to communicate in their … Continue reading Iran |A Little Farsi Goes a Long Way