Iran |A Little Farsi Goes a Long Way

Smiles are a universal language that help break down barriers in so many places.  However, in advance of my recent trip to Iran, I decided to add a little Farsi to my repertoire.  It was one of the best decisions I made.  While Iranians are among the friendliest people I have encountered in my travels, they lit up when I tried to communicate in their native tongue.

Iran, Tehran, Students

The twelve days I spent in Iran were eye opening and enlightening. I loved the country, the history, the art and, most of all, the people.  Engaging, hospitable, intelligent, compassionate and curious: from Tehran to Kerman, Yazd to Shiraz and on to Isfahan, Iranians themselves were the highlight of my trip.


I used Rosetta Stone to study Farsi and recommend it to those who want to spend a serious amount of time and effort.  For some quick phrases, check out Linguanaut.

Stay tuned for more on this fabulous adventure!

7 thoughts on “Iran |A Little Farsi Goes a Long Way

  1. Thanks for the Dmouth group shot, Maggie. Look forward to more, as well as your commentary.

    Could you please send any shots you have of the dunce-hat last day parade??

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