Bhutan |The Tiger’s Nest

I wouldn’t say we saved the best for last; every day of our trip was full of wonders. However, Paro Taktsang, or Tiger’s Nest, is certainly iconic.  World-renowned for its breathtaking beauty and its perilous perch, the temple complex sits 3120 meters above the valley floor. We were able to see it from afar and  our final day in the kingdom, we rose extra early to begin our trek to see it up close and personal. Continue reading “Bhutan |The Tiger’s Nest”

Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia ©travelmagnolia2016

Moscow | Red Square and the Kremlin

The sun never made an appearance during our three days in Moscow,  but nothing could dim my excitement at discovering this remarkable city. There is so much more to the Russian capital than I had ever imagined. This is the first of several posts sharing our sights and experiences.  Continue reading “Moscow | Red Square and the Kremlin”

Must See | Tokyo | Meiji Shrine

Timing is everything, or at least a lot. When we made plans to visit the Meiji Shrine, we had no idea that the day would be spectacular and that many families would be celebrating Shichi Go San (7-5-3), a celebratory right of passage that dates back to the Heian period.  On this occasion, boys who are aged three or five and girls who are aged three or seven are  dressed … Continue reading Must See | Tokyo | Meiji Shrine