Simply Irresistible


I encountered these lovely ladies on a visit to Konavle, a particularly lush region just 18 kilometers southeast of Dubrovnik . The agriturismo movement is catching on here, which is only natural in a region where eating what one grows is standard operating practice. My friends and I enjoyed a fabulous meal featuring Peka – a traditional Dalmatian dish of slow roasted veal and potato dish cooked under a dome in a bed of embers and accompanied by vegetables and salad, fresh from the garden, goat cheese (thanks to my four-hooved friends) and local wine (more about the fabulous Croatian Plavac Mali and other delicious varietals in a future post). It was the kickoff to a week of outstanding meals and, fortunately, bike rides which helped counteract the effects of so much great food and drink.

Peka Dalmatia Croatia
Peka in the works

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