How I Remember

Fireweed, Wildflowers, Wildfire, Idaho
Fireweed in Greenhorn Gulch, Ketchum, Idaho

I spent this weekend at the Sun Valley Writers’ Conference. This year’s theme was “How Do We Remember” and featured  Anthony Doerr, Mary Roach, William Dalrymple and a host of other talented authors.  Their presentations over the four days provided great food for thought especially regarding creative process and expression.  During one of the breaks, I went for a short hike over terrain that had been severely impacted by the wildfire in August 2013.  The landscape prompted reflections on resilience, regeneration and types of beauty. For me, the act of taking photographs is a conscious effort to appreciate what I see, to preserve and to share. This is how I remember.

6 thoughts on “How I Remember

  1. I am curious which you found more inspiring — the guest authors, your fellow attendees, or a new landscape? I am often surprised to find that it’s my fellow “students” and the change of scene (for instance, your awareness of the resilience of the landscape) that have the most impact. Nice post.

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    1. Thank you Ann – In this instance, it was the authors for the most part. The conference has evolved over the years to be more of a TED talk type experience than an interactive one. However, I still enjoyed it (and I am far more of a reader than a writer)!


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