Mingalaba Myanmar – Part I – Inle Lake

Myanmar is at the top of my “re-visit” list.  The people are extremely friendly, the food is delicious and scenery is beyond compare.  Now is the time to plan a trip to Myanmar as November – March has the best weather (at least for those of us who dislike heat, humidity and monsoons).  There are many wonderful spots, but I highly recommend a night or two in Yangon at the start, where the Governor’s Residence is pricey but perhaps my favorite hotel in Asia. If you cannot stay there, at least go by for a drink or a meal.

Myanmar, Inle Lake, BurmaWe spent three days at the Inle Princess Resort and set out each morning on long tailed boats to explore the floating villages as well as the small towns along the shore.  Inle Lake has just been added to the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves and it is worth visiting sooner rather than later, as double-edged sword of development is threatening its natural beauty and traditional ways of life.  The following photos are just a small representation.

Nuns, Buddhism, Myanmar

temple WeavingWoman yogurt, breakfast

HomewardBound Inle Lake, Myanmar, BurmaMandalayMarket ManInleLake

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