Foodie Friday | Puglia

Breakfast, Puglia, Italy
Great Way to Start the Day

Decisions, decisions. At home, most days begin with fresh fruit, nuts and yogurt, or maybe oatmeal in cold weather. Therefore, one of highlights of travel for me is the wonderful breakfast options (and someone else who does the shopping, prep and cleanup). In Italy, there were so many options: which bread – savory or sweet, which cheese, which fruit, which type of cured meat, which kind of eggs…a high quality problem, to be sure.

Tarallini, Puglia, Italy
Tarallini Come in All Colors and Sizes

A favorite snack at any time of day, tarallini are best when fresh. Sweet tarallini can be dipped into coffee, or not. The savory versions go well with antipasti such as the delicious burrata (invented in Puglia!). Tarallini are good gifts for friends back home, and you can grab a bag or two at the airport if not before!

Caseificio Salatino, Puglia, Cheese
Canestrato Pugliese, Caciocavallo Podolico and other phenomenal artisinal cheeses at Caseificio Salatino

Speaking of burrata, seeing how it is made is a must.  Caseificio Salatino makes cheese the old-fashioned way – with a lot of muscle.  You can click through the photos below to see! (NB – you can stay there in a trulli!)

Just remember: Mangia, Mangia, ma non troppo!

Buon Appetito!

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