Come Il Latte, Rome, Italy

Foodie Friday | When in Rome Eat Gelato

Frigidarium, Gelato, Rome, ItalyGelato may be my single favorite food. That is a strong statement, but I am okay with that.  Some people spend their time in Rome visiting ancient ruins and churches, as do I.  I just have other priorities, as well.  I did indulge in artichokes alla giudecca, spaghetti alla carbonara and porcini just about every way possible. As you might imagine, not a bad meal to be had; and did I mention the freshly roasted chestnuts, the amazing melon and the delicious wine? Those were all the lead up to the main act for me which is always dessert and specifically gelato.

Come Il Latte, Gelato, Rome

It is possible to find gelateria around almost any street corner in Rome. Opinions on where to find the best gelato are many and there are those who think all gelato is created equal. They are clearly misguided, or don’t appreciate the finer things in life.  During my week, I did some research and in the end, recommend two establishments: Frigidarium in the Centro Storico not far from the Piazza Navona, and Come Il Latte  which is near Diocletian’s Baths and the Villa Borghese. If forced to choose, I would go with the latter.  While it is a bit of a trek from the center, there are plenty of fabulous sites to see while you enjoy perhaps the best cone of your life: lined with dark or white chocolate…

gelato, Rome, Come Il Latte

filled with incredible gelato (I went one scoop of Pistachio and one of Ricotta with Pear and Chocolate)…

Come Il Latte, Gelato, Rome, Italy

drizzled with more chocolate and topped with a wafer! Buon Appetito!

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