Salads on display at Nopi restaurant in London. ©travelmagnolia

Foodie Friday | A Few Favorites

From time to time, I read interviews with famous chefs or others with the question: what would you like for your final meal? Morbidness aside, I couldn’t begin to choose.  Moreover, what meal would it be? What time of day? As I was compiling photos for  100 Posts of People and Places, I realized it was only fair to do a separate post of favorite foods and meals as well. What follows is my ideal day of eating (assuming I could transport myself magically and never get full).


The day would start with a pair of justifiably famous toasts from Sqirl: ricotta with seasonal jam and hazelnut butter with Guittard chocolate and Maldon sea salt.

Fika, kardemummabullar, iced coffee, Sweden

Later in the morning, time for that wonderful British tradition of elevenses — but featuring  Kardemummabullar and iced coffee. See Fika-licious for places in Stockholm, but also available elsewhere, including Fika in New York City.

Sadya, vegetarian Indian cuisine, Munnar

When lunch time rolled around, I would transport myself back to Munnar for Sadhya – the traditional Kerala meal that features a variety of curries, pickles and salads with rice served on a banana leaf.

Come Il Latte, Gelato, Rome, Italy

Since this is an ideal world, I would then go to Rome for the incomparable gelato at Come Il Latte  (read more here Foodie Friday | When in Rome Eat Gelato).

Dx0, Dx0ne, Pavlova, Gjusta

Or, maybe , the Pavlova with passionfruit purée at Gjusta in Venice, California.

The House Café, Istanbul

To offset the inevitable food coma, nothing like the amazing Iced Espresso at The House Café in Istanbul. DO try this at home with leftover coffee or espresso!

Platter of Oysters fresh from the sea.

The oysters in Ston are worth the trip and a nice way to transition to dinner.


Then a veritable hop skip and a jump to Mljet, for a wonderful fish caught by the chef just hours earlier.


To top it all off, there is no place like San Francisco’s  Tartine and their fabulous pastries.

Hungry? For additional options, check out other Foodie Friday posts. Bon Appétit!


12 thoughts on “Foodie Friday | A Few Favorites

  1. Love your photos, this looks like an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing 🙂 We thought you might like our recent post on the top 5 spots for foodies in Jackson Hole, WY. If you haven’t been yet, add it to your list! 🙂


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