Foodie Friday | Just Gjusta

Entering Gjusta

As a rule, I like to feature several eating establishments on Foodie Friday. However, Gjusta deserves a post of its own. If I had to eat at only one restaurant for the rest of my days, it would be this one.  I have eaten in and taken out on numerous occasions and I always leave wanting more.  I have been known to make the trip to Venice (California, that is) more than once in a few-day visit (with the record three times in 24 hours).  The following photos should whet your appetite!

Gjusta, Baked Goods
Decisions, Decisions: Freshly Baked Bagels, Croissants or Breakfast Pizza
Making Dough the Old-Fashioned Way
Gjusta, Venice, California
Behind the Scenes at Gjusta
If one open-faced sandwich is good…
Dx0, Dx0ne, Pavlova, Gjusta
The Pièce de Résistance: Pavlova w/Passionfruit Purée

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