UAE | Abu Dhabi Do!

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi is an easy day trip from Dubai if you cannot spend a night or two in the emirate. There are fabulous hotels and plenty to do if time permits. We opted not to change hotels and avoid packing, unpacking, repacking…so left Dubai at 9:30 a.m. and arrived at the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in a little over an hour. 

Sheikh Zayed al Kabeer Mosque Vertical Interior
One of the seven Swarovski crystal chandeliers


The mosque is spectacular with its 82 domes and intricate designs. We were particularly taken with the amazing floral and decorative reliefs made from marble and  semi precious stones.SheikZayedAlKabeerMosque_MosaicDetailSheikZayedAlKabeerMosque


N.B. Head scarves are mandatory for entrance to the mosque and abayas are available for rental for those who arrive under-covered. Click here and then on the sidebar “Mosque Manners” for a great graphic on what is and isn’t appropriate attire.

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We retraced our path on the E10 highway and another opportunity to appreciate the beautiful murals en route (slideshow above) on our way to  Al Raha Beach and lunch at  Meylas.

BeachfrontMeylas means “masjid” or gathering place and it was the perfect place to enjoy Emirati cuisine. We enjoyed grilled fresh fish, vegetable stew and the “staff of life.”Restaurant in AbuDhabi

Regag (bread had at Meylas), chbaab and mahalla are delicious breads served with fresh cheese, honey and date syrup. My mouth is watering just writing this!

FalconHospitalThen to the  Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital ,  a remarkable institution that treats over 11,000 falcons a year. In addition, the facility rehabilitates falcons for release into the wild. The tour takes about two hours and should be reserved in advance.

Maggie and the Bird
An absolute highlight: Up Close and Personal with a Falcon!

Word to the Wise: Abu Dhabi Falcon Center is a little hard to find (took our driver three times and 45 minutes). There are signs on the highway as you approach, but if you actually take the exit (find number) – you have missed the entrance.

Back to Dubai in time for dinner!

15 thoughts on “UAE | Abu Dhabi Do!

  1. Wow, what a busy day! As always, your photos are incredible and the food really made my mouth water… And how great that you got to hold a falcon as well! I’m not surprised that you’re already planning a return trip 😀

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      1. Kuwait was a good first place in the Emirates to visit. It might take a while before I go back, if ever, but it was interesting to see the people and culture.


  2. Hi, awesome post and guide about Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    I have already visited Dubai last year and planning one more trip. You guide is awesome and places you mentioned are really amazing. As I am planning a visit to Dubai this November with family. So, I am reading a lot of about UAE and also making a list of places, food, shopping center, etc. Last year I used online portal for shopping, booking, etc because it was an official trip and I had no time to see more. But this time I’ll book everything like flights, hotel, event tickets, etc online with the help of they are providing me exclusive deals for UAE as I did some writing for them.

    This guide is really helpful for me and following it.

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