Enthralled by the Eclipse

Living in the “Path of Totality” seemed to be more aggravating than exciting over the year leading up to the eclipse on August 21st.  The only hotel rooms available were going for outrageous prices, rental cars were sold out in the entire western area, grocery stores double stocked in preparation for what locals came to call the ApocEclipse. Much to everyone’s delight, the hordes did not materialize, supplies didn’t run out, the skies were clear and the Eclipse was absolutely phenomenal.Collander half moons

While waiting for totality, we had fun documenting some of the strange effects, including the half moon cutouts where full circles would normally be in the colander’s shadow above. Also, if you look closely at the shadow on the lower right-hand side, you will notice the weird shape of the person’s arm.

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Since I did not anticipate the wonder and awe of a total eclipse, I did not have the proper filter for my camera. Fortunately, a friend’s son came prepared and agreed to let me share his photos shown above.

Photos are no substitute for the actual experience. This amazing astronomical event has turned me (and many others I know) into an umbraphile or eclipse chaser. Time to start planning for the  2020 total eclipse which will pass over Buenos Aires near sunset!

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