Croatia | Lavander Man and Other Reasons to Visit Hvar


  Call me cynical, but I was prepared not to like Hvar. After all, everyone else does and it turns out for good  reason. An afternoon in Hvar town is plenty, unless you are into the party scene which rages after midnight. Otherwise, visit the fort, the church and the museum before heading for the hills. Stari Grad is a charming port and one of the oldest cities in Europe. The plains outside were laid out by the Greeks in 4th century BCE and are a UNESCO protected World Heritage Site.

Lavender covers the hills in the summer and the air is redolent with its scent, while the grape vines, olive and fig trees are laden with ripening fruit. There are stunning views of the islands and the mainland. Konobas (taverns) abound  with their wood burning ovens for cooking  fresh fish, pizza or the traditional peka to enjoy with the delicious local wines (more on them in a future post).  Hvar is a truly feast for all the senses.

As for Lavander Man, he is a super hero created by two talented artists in Jelsa. He derives his strength from the eponymous flower and his antics are something to behold.  As far as I can tell, he is a Croatian cousin of Inspector Clouseau.  Da dun da dim da dum da dun da dun..,,,,

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