Mljet, Monastery of St. Mary, Croatia, Dalmatia

More on Magical Mljet, Croatia

Croatia has become an extremely popular destination in recent years, due in no small part to Game of Thrones‘ enormous success.  Dubrovnik is lovely and GOT fans can visit many of the sites made famous by the show.  However, Croatia’s charm is best manifested in the lesser known locales and especially the islands off the Dalmatian Coast. (See previous posts: Meet Me in Mljet, Lavandar Man and Other … Continue reading More on Magical Mljet, Croatia

Time to Split |Croatia

Split may be best known for Diocletian’s Palace, built as a “retirement home” for the emperor in the early 4th century.  The city has countless other charms due to its Adriatic coast location including beaches, water sports, access to the beautiful islands just off its coast, and delicious cuisine featuring the local seafood. The 60 meter 14th century campanile of the  Cathedral of Saint Duje … Continue reading Time to Split |Croatia

Croatia | Lavander Man and Other Reasons to Visit Hvar

  Call me cynical, but I was prepared not to like Hvar. After all, everyone else does and it turns out for good  reason. An afternoon in Hvar town is plenty, unless you are into the party scene which rages after midnight. Otherwise, visit the fort, the church and the museum before heading for the hills. Stari Grad is a charming port and one of the oldest cities … Continue reading Croatia | Lavander Man and Other Reasons to Visit Hvar

Meet Me in Mljet | Croatia

The Benedictine monks who settled on Mljet in the 12th century knew a good thing when they saw it. Their monastery still stands on the islet of St. Mary on the Great Lake (Veliko Jezero) within the National Park at the north of the island. You can explore via the numerous hiking trails and mountain bikes are easy to rent on arrival. If you travel … Continue reading Meet Me in Mljet | Croatia

No “Ston” Unturned in Croatia

Salt and Oysters – what could be better.  If you drive an hour from Dubrovnik, you reach the towns of Ston and Mali Ston on the Pelješac peninsula.  The two communities are connected by a seven kilometer wall that dates to the 15th century when it was the second line of defense for the Republic of Ragusa. The salt flats in Ston (each named for a different saint)  t … Continue reading No “Ston” Unturned in Croatia