Trulli, Puglia, Italy

Trulli, Madly, Deeply – Puglia Part I

Compared to just about everywhere else in Italy, Puglia is relatively quiet, especially come September 1, when the Italian families who spend August there have returned to work and school. This may be the best time to enjoy the spectacular wine, bountiful produce and seafood. Inland Puglia features traffic-free country roads lined with trulli, fields of sheep, and endless groves of olive trees.

Olive Trees, Stone Walls, Puglia, Italy

There is nothing quite like just pressed olive oil to accompany the catch of the day, homemade pasta fresh picked produce and crusty bread. Several producers offer tours with oil tastings.

Sant'Oronzo, Ostuni, La Citta Bianca, Puglia, Italy
Sant’Oronzo of Lecce

Sant’Oronzo watches over Ostuni, known as the white city for its whitewashed buildings and white stone streets.  The city has been occupied since the middle ages and is an architectural jewel. The Bishop’s Palace, the Cathedral and the Citadel are the key attractions.

Ostuni, Lecce, Italy
Ostuni’s Old Town

The charming city of Alberello dates to the early 16th century and is famous for its unique Trulli bulidings. Trulli are constructed of dry stacked stone, a method that enabled them to be quickly erected and then demolished in order to avoid taxes.

Trulli, Alberello, Bari, Italy
Trulli line the streets of Alberello’s old section.

Alberello, Bari, Italy, Trulli

Stay Tuned – there is so much more to Puglia than one post can cover!

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