Apulia, Puglia, Adriatic Sea, Italy

By the Sea, By the Sea – Puglia Part 2

Puglia’s pristine coastline invites comparison to the Amalfi Coast. There are the same winding roads and stunning views, but none of the congestion. As in the interior, there are charming villages, with Otranto at the top of my list.

Otranto, Puglia, Apulia, Italy
Otranto’s Harbor and Unspoiled Beaches
Otranto, Church of the Madonna del Altomare
Church of the Madonna del Altomare

The exquisite Church of the Madonna of Altomare sits above the bay overlooking Otranto. While every town has its places of worship, this one stands apart with its nautical motifs that are so in character with its setting and patroness. The offering of the soccer ball (beneath the altar) adds a special touch. The first Sunday of September is the feast day for the Madonna of Altomare, and you can read more about it here – it includes various ceremonies and a procession by sea!

Otranto, Puglia, Italy

Opportunities to sail, paddle board, windsurf and, of course, swim abound. You can also join the locals and fish for your supper.


If the timing is right, fresh figs line the road and are ripe for the picking. All in all, Puglia is a veritable feast for the senses. For more on Puglia, see Trulli, Madly, Deeply – Puglia Part 1

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