Galápagos Close-Up: Rábida Island


Rábida Island is relatively small, with steep rocky cliffs and only one beach where it is possible to land. The distinctive deep red color of its sand is due to the high iron content in the lava. The island is known for these maroon beaches and its abundance of birds. (The small black bird mid-photo above is a penguin!)female-vermillion-flycatcher_rabidaisland_galapagosWe were lucky to see this female vermillion flycatcher at all, let alone up close. We searched in vain for her vividly colored mate, who is the only brightly colored land bird in the archipelago. We did not see any flamingos either, although they are known to frequent Rábida’s lagoon.pelicans_rabidaPelicans were omnipresent, yet we never tired of them. pelican_nesting_mangroveRábida is a popular nesting spot for the pelicans. They nest in mangroves, which have adapted to thrive in salt water, hence their ubiquity along the coasts.

On an evolutionary note, yellow is the only color of any flower in the Galápagos. This is because it is the preferred color of the only pollinators there. rabidaoverlook_galapagosThere are six species of Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia) in the Galápagos. Depending on the type of predator, their spines are prickly or soft.  Their height varies as well for the same reason.sealion_backbend_rabidaSea Lions a plenty – the back bend is the way they stretch after all their exertions in the water.sealion_pup_rabidaWe were fortunate to be there with many young pups and marveled at their ability to curl up just about anywhere.  I guess happiness is a warm rock!

Next up: Santiago Island.


10 thoughts on “Galápagos Close-Up: Rábida Island

  1. So beautiful! The Galapagos are on my list! Have you been out to Darwins Arch before? I heard that Whalesharks are often found out there, would love to go.

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